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We are committed to providing an enriched and positive environment to promote growth, independence, and social interaction.

Day Service

Salisbury Support 4 Autism has a day service for adults in London which offers the individuals we support structured and supportive programmes to promote skills development, social interaction and a sense of purpose during daytime hours. Our day service is located in West Drayton, Uxbridge.


We provide residential services for individuals with autism offering them round-the-clock, person-centred care, support and accommodation. We create a safe and nurturing environment that promotes independence and well-being. We currently have one residential service in Wembley.

Supported Living

We specialise in supported living for adults with autism. Providing personalised assistance and guidance in a more independent living arrangement, helping individuals with ASD lead fulfilling lives, while maintaining a degree of autonomy. We currently have nine services located in West and South London as well as Derbyshire.


Providing person-centred support and assistance in their homes or community settings to promote independence and well-being.

Our services and facilities are available across the United Kingdom.