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Our  high quality service supports adults with Autistic Spectrum Disorder who have complex needs and require care in a progressive, life-long learning environment.

Support for Individuals

Salisbury Support for Autism offers specifically designed services to adults with AutismSpectrum Disorder, complex needs, and challenging behaviour who require care and support in a progressive, life-long learning environment. We provide supported living for people with autism and other services, with resources and opportunities that enable individuals to maximise their strengths through our support. We help them to live in a safe, motivating, and adapting environment. The support we provide is individualised and person-centred.

Support for Families and professionals

We provide parents and carers with an understanding of the disorder and reassure them that there are positive steps they can take to address the developmental needs of an adult with autism. Challenging behaviour exhibited by people on the autism spectrum is usually an attempt to communicate their feelings or to cope with their own anxieties. Understanding the causes of such behaviour allows parents and carers to develop corresponding solutions and strategies to effectively manage them.

Parents have an important role to play in reinforcing the work that we do. They can be the best resource for understanding the causes of the behaviour and helping adults with ASD. We support parents in their efforts to regain balance in their life. All of our services are aimed at helping parents and carers to share experiences, to connect with each other, and to access professional resources through Salisbury Support for autism specialist training.

Supported living accommodation

Our aim is to provide our service users and visitors with a low-arousal environment and a good understanding of autism when they walk through our doors. We provide supported living services in Morden, North Wembley, Central Wembley, Sutton, Purley and Derbyshire.

Support for Challenging behaviours

We are committed to the use of non-aversive approaches in the management of challenging behaviours, based on a Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) model. Staff have the necessary training to manage violent and aggressive behaviour, where this is potentially a danger to themselves or others.

The core features of autism are areas in which difficulties can lead to feelings of frustration, confusion, anxiety or lack of control. This can result in in maladaptive behavioural responses. Since behaviour is often a form of communication, many individuals with autism voice their wants, needs or concerns through behaviours, rather than having the ability to functionally communicate that need.

Positive Behaviour Support is based on the scientific understanding of behaviour through Applied Behaviour Analysis. It is based on a strong values base that focuses on teaching functional skills to replace challenging behaviour. It avoids aversive or punishing approaches. Salisbury believes in a preventative rather than reactive approach to challenging behaviour.

We are able to support the most difficult of individuals because of our consistent investment in our team as well as our two specialist departments

Behaviour department

The behaviour department is responsible for analysing behaviours, data and triggers towards formulating robust strategies that can guide and coach our support teams. These strategies produce longterm, positive outcomes for those who use our services. The minimum qualification for this department is a BSc in Psychology.

Compliance department

Our autism-friendly service includes resources and opportunities that enable individuals to maximise their strengths. The support we provide is individualised and person-centred, helping them to live in a safe, motivating and adapting environment.