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We are a person-centred organisation that fosters independence and self-advocacy for adults on the autism spectrum.

Our team offers high-quality programmes and an integrated support network for families and caregivers, designed to promote growth, independence and social interaction.

Cordelia Sunday

Operations lead for the North

Khilan Patel

Operations lead for the South

Jenna Tyson

Multi-Site Manager
Castleton Avenue Services

Catherine Gage

Enhanced Manager
Highway & South Services

Joshua Ighalo

Registered Manager
Holt Road

Mary Lawal

Service Manager
Burdon Lane

Ibado Abadid

Service Manager
Day Service

Sheron Millington

Service Manager
Hillcross Avenue

Andrea Symeou

Service Manager
Hayfield House

Agnes Falode

Service Manager
Russell Hill

Fausat Olowo

Service Manager

Effective training and development benefits the individual and the organisation as a whole and contributes to the achievement of our objectives.

High standard of service

Training improves our work performance and raises the overall standard of our service. This enhances the service user’s quality of life.

Better management

Training promotes effective management and implementation of change. There is a greater understanding of our business and ethos.

Improved staff knowledge

Enhanced staff knowledge and working skills results in professional development and increased motivation and job satisfaction.

Stronger teams

By sharing ideas and dissemination of good practice we build stronger and more effective teams. This improves the overall standard of our service.

We offer comprehensive specialist training programmes designed to equip our staff as well as our external agency workers with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide exceptional service and support. We open up our training to parents and carers free of charge, whenever possible.

Advanced CPI training

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Crisis Prevention Intervention is designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to handle crises safely and effectively. Our In house trainers are CPI training certified to internally train our staff.

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Autism & Learning Difficulties

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This training course aims to support staff to gain the right skills and knowledge to provide safe, compassionate, and informed care to autistic people and people with a learning disability.

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Makaton training

Upcoming training: please inquire

A unique language programme that uses symbols, signs and speech to enable people to communicate. It supports the development of essential communication skills.In-house training for level 1 and 2.

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Communication training

Upcoming training: please inquire

Communication training is designed to provide support to staff on how to communicate with the people that we support - via different communication methods.

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Step in my Shoes

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Stepping into the shoes of others, ourstaff are challenged to see the world through a different lens and gain a better understanding of the challenges, biases, and privileges that others may face.

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Positive Behaviour Support

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Providing long term support to people with a learning disability, and/or autism, including those with mental health conditions, who have, or may be at risk of developing, behaviours that challenge.

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